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Im a web developer who recently subcontracted a site to another

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I'm a web developer who recently subcontracted a site to another developer. The work was not completed to my satisfaction nor my client's yet the subcontractor wants to be paid for any time that he claims to have spent working on this project.

If we can't come to an agreement about what he should be paid, legally what is my alternative here?
Thank you for the post, did your contract with the subcontractor call for disputes regarding payment to be submitted to binding arbitration?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No, this was a rush job that I negotiated with the sub over the phone. Nothing was ever signed as to a scope of work, etc. Not my usual method of business but is the situation.

Basically I called this guy I had worked with in the past, asked him if he had time to do a job, he said yes, and I sent him a task list. We proceeded to talk on the phone and setup a website to work on over the past 2 weeks. He never sent me back the to-do list and I did n't see a lot of things done that I was expecting. I fired him and then he sent my an invoice stating he spent a lot of time on vague items.
Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX here is likely to be binding arbitration. If you cannot reach a settlement and he decides to sue you, the court would likely order arbitration and a sum to compensate the subcontractor for the work performed would be ordered.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Interesting, but say he sues in small claims court (or vice versa); I'm in CA and he's in MT. How does that work? Would I have to travel to MT?
Hello, he would have to sue you in CA.
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