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If I unknowingly and then knowlingly got involved in one of

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If I unknowingly and then knowlingly got involved in one of these Nigerian scams, whats the proper thing to do? At first I was just talking, playing along, now its getting to the point that they know little ofm y personal info, but I'm a bit unnerved if/how they will obtain it? What is the right way to play this out or whatever? They gave me an FBI

When you say the gave you and FBI what do you mean? Did you contact the FBI?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have not sent them any personal information other than what I have said. They have not asked for any account numbers, credit card or debit numbers. I have refused any formal id and they have not insisted. I have sent a minimal amount of funds (400.00) and assured them that that was all I could afford and they assured me they would not ask for more, though they have kept in touch, on a very generic basic. I asked them if it as a scam and, of course, the gentlemen or lady I''ve been emailing assured me this was no scam thats why they ecourage me to notify FBI if I have not heard from the gentlemen listed below MR Daniel Amusan. A part of me wants to play this out to see what happens because part of me knows that if they want something of mine they have the ways and means to get it. So there it all is. Shall I proceed or Jump off the plank here?


Quote from their note:

We have mandated the Intercontinental Bank Nigeria Plc, to issue an ATM VISA CARD and PIN# XXXXX you will use to withdraw the fund from any ATM machine in any part of the world but the maximum amount you can withdraw per day is US$20,000.00. You are strongly advice immediately to contact MR. DANIEL AMUSAN the Manager of Intercontinental Bank Nigeria Plc via his email address: [email protected] and send him your information such as;

they do not have my full name, home phone or fax number.

1) Your Full Name.

2) Your Contact Address.

3) Your Home Phone, Mobile/Cell Phone and fax Number.


The ATM VISA CARD approval in your name has been sent to MR. DANIEL AMUSAN and he is waiting for your above information to enable him process and send you the CARD and PIN number without any delay. So make sure you contact him right now with your information and tell him that you received a message from the UNITED NATION, Instructing you to contact him for immediate release of your fund via ATM VISA CARD.


Contact FBI via this email: [email protected] if you did not receive this ATM VISA CARD after 72hours you contacted him. You are warned to disregard other contact or any communication you have with other offices.


I suggest you contact the FBI. This is a scam. There is no ATM that will allow you to withdraw $20,000 in cash. Do not waste any more time. I am sorry you sent the $400.


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