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A former vendor in our TN salon has an issue with no longer

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A former vendor in our TN salon has an issue with no longer being allowed to sell products in the store after upsetting most of the staff and many customers with a horrible attitude. All of their items have been removed but new reasons to come and cause a scene in front of customers regularly arises. Can we legally ban this individual from coming on the property? I don't want to file a restraining order without first verbally or formally telling them they are not welcome on the property, but want to do it legally.
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RGMacEsq :

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RGMacEsq :

Yes, you can do that. If you know the address of the former vendor, you should send her a demand letter demanding that she not come near the property, otherwise you will call the police. Send a demand letter to this effect, otherwise you will pursue legal action against her, seeking an restraining order against her. Send this letter certified, return receipt requested, as well as a copy sent regular mail. Keep a copy for yourself, as well as the return receipt number so that you can show the court that you made the demand,.

RGMacEsq :

If she comes onto your property and won't leave when you tell her to, call the police. You have a right to have unwelcome guests removed from your property.

RGMacEsq :

If she continues to be a problem, file for a temporary restraining order.

RGMacEsq :

You should get a lawyer to assist you with this, so you can make sure that you meet all of your legal obligations regarding restraining orders.

RGMacEsq :

If she causes actual damages to you or your property, you can also sue for monetary damages. You can do this in small claims court.

Customer :

Should I use a lawyer to send the initial letter?

RGMacEsq :

No, I don't think that is necessary. She will either get the point or not, and I don't think that having a lawyer will necessarily help.

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