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My background has been as a retail stockbroker and working

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My background has been as a retail stockbroker and working in a fixed income trading area, but not on the investment banking side of the business. I have had this idea of forming an entity involved with taking small companies public--in fact I know of one person who done just that with a company called Lantis Laser (

From what I understand, the first step in taking a private company public would be to set up a shell company first. Examples of such shells that have been set up can be seen by a company who specializes in this--such as those shown on the website for Flex Financial. (

From reading what is on their website, this company is in the business of setting up the shell companies, and then selling these shells to those entities who plan on going public at some point.

My question for the Business Attorney is how do you find out how the process of setting up a shell company is done? I have tried to do this by “Googling” and looked at various public libraries, but have not found anything. (I guess they haven't written the Dummies Book for setting up a Shell company yet. Could be an idea for the really ambitious person).

Where might I find this information? I realize this is probably an odd question and don’t expect a quick response, but where would I go to research this more on my own? I am assuming that an attorney who specializes in investment banking might have some insight into this as far as what legal work has to be done.

My idea is to learn as much as I can about the topic , do most of the legwork myself and then consult with an attorney who might give some help on how this might be done.
It costs a lot of money to take a corporation public and it is not necessary to form a shell corporation to do so.

A shell corporation is easily formed. It's just a regular corporation that usually has virtually no assets.

Owning a shell corporation will not make it any easier to take a corporation public. And if you later decide that you want a shell corporation, you can form one very quickly.

I hope this information is helpful.

Edited by N Cal Attorney on 9/2/2010 at 9:18 AM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Mr. N Cal,


Thanks for the quick reply--as you can tell I know very little about this, but would like to learn. My questions at this point are:


1-Where can I learn about the steps that are involved with taking a company public? I am sure that there a lot of sources--is there some method that you would suggest?
2-I have set up a corporation for myself, so I understand what filings are needed for that as far as what was done for the state. Is it different for a shell corporation?

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