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I am a retiree of the University of Illinois and I am an annuitant

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I am a retiree of the University of Illinois and I am an annuitant of the State Universities Retirement System. As a part of my plan my health insurance is covered subject to certain annual deductibles and copays. My deductibles are done for this year. As I am diabetic and it doesn't take long to rack up $350.00.

Our insurance provider (CIGNA) is actually just the administrators for a self funded program run by the State of Illinois. So I should be paying only my copay for covered services.

I have been getting late pay and referrals to credit agencies due to non payment. I have paid my legitimate portion of all these bills but the state is more than six months in arrears with payments to CIGNA, ergo, they have not paid millions in outstanding claims for their retirees.

Also, I am completing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and do not have the money to act as banker for the State of Illinois. I have contacted the creditors but mostly my words fall on deaf ears. What little credit I am attempting to rebuild is stillborn and I do not have the financial capability to do more.

What do you suggest as a course of action?
I am not allowed to suggest a specific course of action, but I can provide some information.

If the insurer is unreasonably delaying payment of covered claims, you can complain to the IDI, see

You can consider suing the insurer for the same conduct.

You can get a free consultation from some of the Illinois insurance bad faith lawyers listed by location at

Please consult a local attorney for legal advice.

I hope this information is helpful.
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