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I am in the bar business, run a safe business by I have found

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I am in the bar business, run a safe business by I have found out my partner is driving over the limit for intoxication laws. Is my liquor license in jeopardy if she gets a DUI, new partner, I don't have to be on the license until I own 25% shares, so my partner is the only on the license right now. I am worried I am not have a liquor licence if my partner gets a DUI. Can they revoke, suspend or not reissue a license if this happens. Live in SC.

It is possible the license can be revoked. If the license holder is an alcoholic then a court could find that he is unsuitable to hold the permit. In addition the code also provides that a license hold must be of good repute. While a single DUI may not be sufficient to remove a license, repeat offenses, and the resulting criminal charges would put the license in jeopardy.


SECTION 61-6-920. Suspension or revocation of license.

The department may suspend or revoke a license issued under this article or Article 7 of this chapter if it determines that:

(1) the licensee is not a suitable person to hold the license; or

(2) the store or place of business occupied by the licensee is not a suitable place


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