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Dave Kennett
Dave Kennett, Attorney
Category: Business Law
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Experience:  25 years practicing law
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My Mom is 91 years old and has a no solicitation sign” by

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My Mom is 91 years old and has a “no solicitation sign” by her front door.
A tree service company came by solicited her suggested what she needed and she signed a $3,000.00 contact. My sister and I call the tree company ( I called twice she call one) and informed them that she could not pay for the services. I was out of town and told them as soon as I got back I would send them power of attorney and cancel the contract. The tree company said it was already scheduled and without a power of attorney ASAP they we going to perform the services. I said OK just put is on hold and I would be back in 2-3 weeks I did not have access to the POA.

They did the work anyway and now it is in collections and they filed legal action but I have talked with them and it is stopped temporarily.

I have asked for several things, business license local business license and all of their safety procedures, climbing certifications, safety procedures, etc.
They have sent me the business licenses even though there are not on file with the local city.

Now they want me to send them a copy of my Moms reverse mortgage balance.

My Mom can’t afford this and the collection company talks happy and friendly but as like they said “they have represented the tree company for years and they have a strong law background. “

Please advise

Dear JACUSTOMER - I would contest the action by the tree company and you certainly don't have to send anything to the collection agency. These people are really at the lower end of the food chain, especially preying on an elderly woman when there is a sign posted not to solicit. I would ignore them and not pay anything.


The only problem will be if they sue and take her to court. I assume she would not be able to defend herself and unless you are a licensed attorney you could not represent her. That means hiring a lawyer. I would contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint and the city and report them as not licensed. There is no way these people should ever receive a dime from your Mom and I'm quite certain any judge would feel the same way. If a suit is filed you can get an attorney and probably file a counter suit for violating consumer protection laws and licensing laws etc.


Most of these places know when to stop but there's no guarantee. I would file as many complaints in as many places as possible and maybe they will simply crawl back in their hole.


Dave Kennett

Dave Kennett, Attorney
Category: Business Law
Satisfied Customers: 27689
Experience: 25 years practicing law
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Thank you for the assistance Dave. The customer and I can pick up this post from here or continue on in the prior post on this subject found here: