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I own a business and have salaried persons working. I pay

Resolved Question:

I own a business and have salaried persons working. I pay people twice a month and each check is 1/24 of their salary. How do I pay a person that works only 1/2 week? How about someone that works 2 weeks? How about 1 week and 3 days? My contention is that the work year is 260 days and that a salaried person received 1/260 of their salary each day that they work. Is this ok?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  All Business replied 7 years ago.

when you say someone works half a week, can i assume that they are a part-time worker? or perhaps temporary personnel?

in short, so long as you are not in violation of minimum wage and other employment laws, you can pay in a manner that you agree to with the worker. that is, the fact that you pay your full time employees the way you do does not mean that a temporary worker is paid on the same scale.

in actuality, your calculation of 1/260 works only because the math computes. in reality, though, you have an agreed upon yearly salary and you pay them twice a month. if you have another employee who is paid per hour or per week, it may compute differently.


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Expert:  All Business replied 7 years ago.
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