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I need help with a pralegal assignment. I have several scenerios

Customer Question

<p>I need help with a pralegal assignment. I have several scenerios that I need legal memorandums for. Can you help? Here is my I assignment. I would like to have by tomorrow (late morning). Of course tonight would be prefect. But I understand. Can you help???? ******************************************************** </p><p> </p><p>This consists of five factual scenarios. Prepare an informal memorandum as directed in each of the five scenarios. There is no particular format required for the memoranda; your supervising attorney is interested in the content and the grammatical correctness of your work, not the format in which your work is presented. Factual Scenarios </p><p> </p><p>1. Heavy Equipment Company (hereinafter Heavy) manufactures bulldozers and sells them throughout the United States. Ace Construction, a recently incorporated home development company in Bloomington, purchased a bulldozer from Heavy. Ace, already several weeks behind in constructing a home for First Customer, had Heavy deliver the bulldozer to the construction site immediately after it was purchased. Ace’s employee, eager to start clearing the land, neglected to familiarize himself with the bulldozer and immediately started clearing the lot of trees. Unbeknownst to Ace’s employee, the back-up alarm was not working properly. When the employee backed the bulldozer from a pile of gravel to begin working on the foundation of Customer’s new home, the employee backed over Customer who was on the lot watching the construction. The customer was severely injured, required several operations to repair a broken back, was unable to work for several months, and will always suffer from intermittent back pain. Your supervising attorney has been retained to represent Customer and has asked you for an informal memorandum (no specific format required) addressing the legal issues raised in this factual scenario.</p><p>*********************************************************************************************</p><p> 2. B.I G. Bass has created a revolutionary fishing lure. Recent product testing on Lake Monroe resulted in unbelievable catches of various fish, all near-trophy size. Bass plans to begin production in the near future, initially with a small business geared to infomercial marketing. He intends to hire approximately 10 workers to produce, package, and distribute the lure. To increase public recognition of his lure, Bass envisions a distinctive product package with his signature emblazoned on the front of the box. An avid fisherman but a newcomer to the business world, he seeks legal advice from your supervising attorney concerning what type of organization might best be suited for his fishing lure business and what, if any, intellectual property protections may be available to protect his interests in this remarkable product. Draft an informal memorandum (no particular format required) for your supervising attorney preparing him to discuss the issues raised in the factual scenario.</p><p>***********************************************************************************************</p><p> 3. Wazonce Happi Lee Married, the CEO of Acme Manufacturing and a close friend of your supervising attorney, has been served with divorce papers. He has scheduled an appointment for this afternoon to meet with your supervising attorney. Married has explained that he and his wife of 15 years have 3 children, all of whom are under the age of 18; Married also has one child from a prior marriage, now 21 years of age, and a 4 year old illegitimate child from a liaison with his secretary at Acme. In addition to the normal personal property accumulated over their lifetime, Married and his current wife live in a recently renovated, multi-million dollar house that he inherited from his father. Married also is concerned that the pending divorce will result in bad publicity for Acme, affecting the stock price of the company. Married owns 200,000 shares of Acme, purchased with portions of his salary and also awarded as bonuses for his stellar performance as CEO. Married wants to know the about the nature of any divorce proceedings, possible custody/property settlement/alimony and child support issues. He also wants some brief advice concerning the law of prenuptial agreements as he plans to marry his secretary shortly after his divorce becomes final. Draft an informal memorandum addressing the legal issues raised in the factual scenario. </p><p>**********************************************************************************************</p><p>4. Acme spindle company manufactures wooden spindles of various sizes, shapes, and shades of color for use in the construction of decorative railings. Rapid Décor manufactures decorative railings sold at wholesale to various prefabricated home construction companies. Acme and Rapid have entered into a contract containing the following terms: (1) Acme will provide Rapid with 5,000 spindles per month, delivered to Rapid’s plant in Bedford, Indiana on the first day of each month. (2) Rapid will pay Acme $2.50 per spindle, with payment due within 15 days of delivery of the spindles. (3) The spindles will be of a uniform width and size, 3 ½ feet tall and 1 inch wide at the widest point of the spindle. (4) The contract will remain in force and effect for a period of three years, at which time it may be renewed by either party for an additional period of two years. (4) Any dispute that arises under the contract will be submitted to binding arbitration, the arbitrator to be selected by the Independent Arbitration Association of the United States. Costs incurred as a result of arbitration will be born by the losing party. (5) Disputes will be resolved under the laws of the State of Indiana. Acme and Rapid both performed satisfactorily under the contract for one year. During the third month of the second year of the contract, Acme’s spindle plant was shut down for three months due to a labor strike. The strike was violent and settled only after Acme agreed to substantial salary increases. Consequently, Acme is been unable to supply spindles to Rapid at the contract price without losing money on each spindle. Acme, rather than seeking to renegotiate the contract has simply discontinued deliveries to Rapid. Your supervising attorney represents Rapid Décor and has requested that you provide an informal legal memorandum addressing the contract law issues raised in the factual scenario. </p><p>**********************************************************************************************</p><p>5. New Lawyer recently passed the Indiana bar examination and has set up practice in a small town in Rusting Away County. The county is so poor that counsel for indigent defendants is provided by appointment of members of the local bar, not by a public defender’s office. Lawyer has been appointed to represent an indigent defendant charged with theft of a television of a value of $2,000.00 from a local motel in violation of Indiana Code 35-43-4-2 (see the Indiana theft statute at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>" target="_blank"><a href="" target="_blank"></a>. Lawyer has never represented a criminal client before and has asked you to prepare an informal memorandum addressing the differences between a criminal prosecution for theft and a civil suit for conversion of the television.</p>
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Category: Business Law
Expert:  Dwayne B. replied 7 years ago.
When do you need this? And is it okay if I post a little at a time? Also, are you planning on rewriting or rewording to some degree?