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Norwalk, California, United States. I own a business and

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Norwalk, California, United States.

I own a business and we receive packages at our PO Box daily. These packages are then picked up at the Post Office by me Mon-Fri. Last year we received about 1,320 packages from the USPS. These packages are then taken to my office and opened by one of my employees. Usually the USPS staff puts these packages in a box and hands them to me over the counter after signing an electronic signature which applies to all of them.

According to them, a couple of weeks ago they mistakenly included a package which did not belong me. I signed for it and I took it back to the office along with all my other packages. I never found that package to return it and now they are telling me that they are holding all my packages until I return that lost package back.

So what are my rights here, is it legal for the USPS to hold my mail without my consent, what should I do? And the guy was being an ass too! If you inform me well I will give you a tip =) … thanks!
The post office has no right to hold your mail hostage based on what they claim was their own mistake, which you do not believe happened. I would ask to speak with the postmaster of that post office and explain the situation, and mention that they are legally required to deliver mail whether or not they think they might have a claim against a customer.

I hope this information is helpful.
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