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Category: Business Law
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Experience:  23 Years business & securities law, NY and FL bars. SEC all states.
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hi i am in a civil law case with my business partners. i

Customer Question

i am in a civil law case with my business partners. i am the suing them for a multitude of reasons and we were set to go forward on april 28 2010.
after the budget cuts our judge was transfered to another section and they figured on using a 170.6 to buy time and remove the new judge for the case which they said has been sent within the alotted time period (10 days)
is there anything i can do to push the date forward for april28?
many thanks we have been in litigation since nov 2008 and i am sick to my stomache about this.
please let me know
my email [email protected]
i greatly appreciate your advice.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  FLCORPLAWYER replied 7 years ago.
They have a right to ask for recusal of the judge if they make the request in time. It is not granted if it is being used for purposes of delay and it usually does not delay the action. If you are going to trial now and this case was filed in Nov. 2008 your case is flying. Many states have a wait of up to 6 years for a trial in a civil matter.