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I Own a Business in the State of Washington and I was sent

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I Own a Business in the State of Washington and I was sent an Email (it was My Name on the Email and My Company Name)from a Company in China Using my Name and My Company Name to send Emails for what looks to be a retail online outlet for TV,s Computers Ipods and all kinds of Goodies...So What are my rights Here???? Thier Address is in China and thier Email is of course different once you open it up.....But its a Very State of the Art Online Company.....BUT ITS NOT ME.....?????


You need to contact your hosting company and or your Internet Service Provider to resolve this issue. This is an imposter situation, which is very common. Your hosting company may do a better job in tracking the IP address that the imposter e-mail is coming from and can issue warning to the offender and then tell you what action that you should take in the meantime to stop your e-mail from being used.

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