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I run an adventure club and I just had a member who i had to

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I run an adventure club and I just had a member who i had to cancel her contract because I have received several verbal complaints from other members. She also misrepresented herself to several other members and said she was an employee of my company. I now fear she will take legal action. she just sent me an email stating that under the public information act she wants to see the written complaints. I cannot find information on the PIA anywhere online. It is also stated in the contract she electronically signed i can cancel her membership with our without reason. Is the digital signature legal and do you think I am open for lawsuit? Am I required under the PIA to furnish the complaints?
You should not be concerned. if you can prove she accepted the terms electronically, that would bind her. Most memberships are so cancellable. You should refund any fees paid by her to the extent not used for time period outstanding. You do not need to show her any complaints. You are not a public agency and if she wants such access, she would need to sue and obtain it in discovery at best. I see no basis for a lawsuit though given your right to cancel in the contract.
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