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I have a contract that was given to me by an individual. This

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I have a contract that was given to me by an individual. This is absolutely the most off contract I have ever seen, is there any possibility it was written by a lawyer? Should I go into business with someone that handed me this contract? I will attach it

Thank you for your question.

Regardless of whether the contract was written by an attorney, the individual apparently approved it for use in your transaction. you are questioning the judgment of the person that you are considering going into business with. my experience has been that if there are doubts prior to entering into the relationship, one should look for different business associate.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I wanted you to look over the contract ad ascertain if it is likely if it was written by an atorney. may I email it to you?
You can post on mediafire and send me the link
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
you posted one-page one page of the agreement was available -- it's possible that an attorney prepared it however it does not seem likely
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

One followup question before I accept... thank you by the way, you have been helpful and there was only 1 page of the agreement... only a signature page to follow.


The company in the agreement, the individual owns the company and it is not doing business with this company so he used it as a DBA instead of setting up another corporation. He told me as a 1120 company, that he owns all the stock, and that the agreement simply establishes an agreemtn about how we would split the profits of the transactions under housecalls for kids. If there was a lawsuit against this older company, would I have ANY liability? He states that since I will not be a stockholder, that If anyone would sue the company for previous issues, I would have zero liability.

now knowing that there is only that one page to the agreement it is even less likely that the agreement was prepared by an attorney.

I disagree with his position concerning liability. this agreement does not even contain a hold harmless clause

I will need to insist on the policy of Just Answer of one question/one answer. Please accept the answer I have given and if you have additional questions I will be happy to address them.
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