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6 Years ago I was in the grips of a cocaine addiction with

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6 Years ago I was in the grips of a cocaine addiction with a 200,000 stock account at UBS Painewebber. My father tricked me into signing a power of attorney transferring control of the money over to him. It probably saved my life. I've been clean for 5 years, I'm about to graduate college, and there's approximately $100,000 left in it. I need this money. The account changed hands because my fathers broker at UBS quit to work at Suntrust. The Account is now at Merrill Lynch at their Brentwood, TN office. I finally found out the broker in charge of my account, and found out that the account is in my name only, but there is still a power of attorney over it. My broker, Ms Mitzi Michaelson, is in conference with a client right now and is supposed to call me back by the close of business today. What i need to know is whether that power of attorney is revocable or not, especially since I never signed a new one when the money was transferred to Merrill Lynch. Basically I need my money.
You need to look at the power of attorney. In nearly all instances the person who granted it can revoke it. So if you granted it you can indeed revoke it in writing.
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