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I paid multiple invoices in early 2008, totaling approx $28,000,

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I paid multiple invoices in early 2008, totaling approx $28,000, and the checks were never cashed. The company went out of business in March 2008. In early 2009, I received communication from another company - stating that they were successors and asking that I re-issue the checks. I re-issued 4 of them,and only 1 was cashed.
I then received correspondence from an attorney, stating that the checks had been refused by the bank due to insufficient funds and demanding full payment or be taken to court. No proof was subitted to support those statements, and I was not notified by the bank of any problems.
Is there a time limit for acceptance of payment?
Am I obliged to ontinue issuing checks that do not get accepted for deposit to this company's bank?
Should I be requesting a copy of the successor paperwork before I proceed further?
BotXXXXX XXXXXne is you are liable for the money if the prior company never cashed the checks. You need to start by checking your accounts to make sure whether or not they were cashed. If they were not, the successor company is entitled to collect and you need to get proof they are the successor company and then you will need to make arrangements with them to pay the debt, but it would be owed if the checks were not cashed. There is no time limit for acceptance of payment, if you owe it you owe it and even though you sent the checks, if they were not cashed (evidently because this business was pretty incompetent) you still must make good on the payment.

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