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Can an Observer introduce new companies to a board meeting

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Can an Observer introduce new companies to a board meeting without the board being notified or introduce new companies to the attending observers at a latter date? Part of the board consist of members of a company seeking legislation for their products. Can an observer seek new companies to present material or new concepts to participants of the board meeting without board approval? These companies maybe a rival to those board members siting on the board.
The board's conduct and operations should be governed by bylaws and internal rules. some permit such introduction and some do not. So it varies on a case by case basis.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Could there be legal issues or lawsuits concerning confidentiality with the board meeting in which observers are bound by? In general do most board meetings concerning issues of capitol and funding for future contracts prevent observers from acquiring or getting audiences with competitors without board approval to try to win an override to a pending or agreeded issue or contracts already in consideration?
Most boards for this very reason do not allow it or would permit proposals to be considered in close session by the board.
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