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The old Book Keeper for my veterinary practice refuses to release

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The old Book Keeper for my veterinary practice refuses to release the software program and associated data files from when she did my books. I purchased the software program for her to use and I then paid her on a monthly basis as an independent contractor. She claims I owe her money for a few months that she did not work. I have already used an attorney to write her letters requesting release of the program and data files. We do not have the resources to sue her, as it was quoted at costing anywhere from $15-25,000. She quit doing the books in Spring 2007. The files that she refuses to release are preventing us from billing out close to $100,000. Of course, only about 50% of that is collectable income. We have encouraged her to take us to small claims if she feels that we owe her more money, but that the data files are a seperate matter. Is there anything we can file with the courts that will order her to give us our property?
You can sue for the turn over of the items or alternativelt for the fair market value of same. consider a lawyer letter before a full lawsuit is filed
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I stated in the original post that we already tried lawyer letters. They simply went back and forth a few times and she stated we would have to take her to court to get them. We do not have the funds to hire an attorney for a full law suit. Is there paperwork that I can file with the court to represent ourselves? If you can point me in the correct direction for which paperwork to file, I would appreciate it. Have we gone beyond the statute of limitations for a case like this? Is this something that we can represent ourselves in ?
The claim is not time barred. Consider using a lawyer or contingency fee basis. If on your own you can ask the pro se clerk in court to help with preparing a complaint but not a good idea given procedural requirements and collection efforts.
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