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A new question is answered every 9 seconds has blocked my wifes selling account because it

This answer was rated: has blocked my wife's selling account because it "appears to be closely related" to an account they banned. No explanation and no proof is given, they simply closed the account and stated that they will be keeping the money in her sales account for 90 days. Do we have any recourse here? How can they just close down an account without any proof of any wrongdoing?

You do not have a "right" to an Amazon seller account. They can shut down your account for any reason or no reason.


You do have some remedies as to the money in the account. You could file a small claims to recover them money they are holding. However, your user agreement probably has some language about this issue, and a forum selection clause.


So your best bet is to see what they do after the 90 days, and check your user agreement for remedies if you want to sue for the money.


You can't force them to let you sell, but they cannot keep your money

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