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I want to recind the power of atorney for a business that i

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I want to recind the power of atorney for a business that i gave to a business associate [who drew up this document himself] as i now have doubts about the wisdom of my decision. No solicitors were involved. I was trying to share the responsibilities for the business which has been far more complex and stressful that I originally envisaged. I am now worried that he may use it to enter into financial agreements that would put me in future debt.

I am behind with my quarterly lease for rental payments for the business and desperately anxious about further debt that might arise from having handed over the power of atorney.

How do I cancel the power of attorney?
Does it have any real legal merit given that I did not go to court to estabish it?
How do I stop him from using it to raise / access finance?
How can i ensure absolutely that the cencelled power of attorney will be nul and void?
Thank you
You can do a revocation letter and send it to him by certified mail and request that he return the POA document. You would then need to also notify anyone that you know where he has used or may have used the document. Here are some examples

You can also record the revocation at the courthouse just to be safe.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.



Thank you for your reply


I note that you're a US practitioner - which type of court house do I go to - high court, magistrates court, etc?


Thank you


You would go to the registrar of deeds to file the revocation. For recordation it needs two witnesses and notarized. I did not notice your name, sorry but the law is the same.


An accept for my time is always appreciated.

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