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This is an email I sent to my former employer, and the attorneys

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This is an email I sent to my former employer, and the attorney's email rejected it and returned not accepted. Therfore, I sent it certified with return receipt. My question is what can I do?
I received a letter from Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Company on Tuesday, July 28, 2009. The letter stated that Tecumseh Products Company had informed them I was retired and, therefore, ineligible for the waiver of life insurance premium. The letter further stated that I could convert the insurance and pay the premium and gave me a deadline for appeal of this decision. This sounds like an exact reoccurrence of the issue I had previously with my disability pay amount. The employee handbook said one thing and Mutual of Omaha said their plan with Tecumseh was different than the handbook. The issue was corrected, and I am being paid correctly. In the current situation, the handbook states that if I retired under the disability provisions of a salaried pension plan prior to age 65, I will be covered by the same amount of life insurance I had as an active salaried employee under the premium waiver provisions of the active salaried plan. I am willing to file an appeal, but do not feel this is a step I should have to take. This issue may be like the previous issue, therefore, an issue for Tecumseh Products to handle as opposed to Mutual of Omaha. Mutual of Omaha is and has been aware that I am retired because both my doctor and I submit the requested Mutual of Omaha form for continuance. Their form has the boxes checked for both disability pension and disability social security income. I request being returned to the waiver of premium status prior to any prior premium due for me.
What state are you in and what is your question about the above?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Michigan. What can I do without having to hire an attorney?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
What are you asking for?
If this is an issue of misinformation provided on your behalf resulting in this situation, consider providing it now. If you are being ignored, a lawyer letter without lawsuit often obtains the outcome sought.
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