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a friend had an idea for a new type of mail box, had a company

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a friend had an idea for a new type of mail box, had a company do a search and paper work , the company asked for $12,000 to file for the patent,i dont think he will be able to come up with that amount at his age. seems like a good plan.can he patent for less

Yes, ALOT less. See


Note: patenting an invention is part law, pat science and part art. The law, is knowing what to file and when and how to satisfy the various statutory requirements for a patent. The science is being able to describe the invention in precise terms. Ah, but the art -- the art is about describing the device in a manner that covers the actual invention, and any invention that is reasonably close to the invention, so as to preven others from doing similar things -- as well as to make the patent description ambiguous enough so that it's difficult for a competitor to do something similar, without a lot of research and development.


So, when I say that you can patent something for a lot less than $12,000, you certainly can. But, your protection may not be as good as it would have been were the patent done by an experienced patent lawyer.


But, that's the risk vs. benefit calculus -- and your friend will have to decide which route to choose.


Hope this helps.


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