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Hello, Much detail but will try to summarize. Work in three

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Hello, Much detail but will try to summarize.
Work in three person Interior Design office.
Boss: non-conflict type male & two female staff. Both employed 2.5 years.
Office Manager- general bookkeeping:payroll,receivables,schedules,answers phone.
Associate Designer(me)-assist boss in all aspects of designing.
I earned college degree after children grown + managed spouse's business 25+ years. In past very submissive employee but now my dream job makes me bold.
She never office manager before-office staff,misc other jobs-15 yrs.
Have tried desperately to work with her.Refuses to communicate with me anything business related. At first when he was there she was ok. Now its obvious, she doesn't speak to me & answers him.seriously. Situation is unprofessional,unproductive,extremely stressful.
He & I spoke. Was thinking of letting her go & would talk to her. My situation worsened & she's still there. I love the work but so miserable. Feel forced to quit. What are my legal rights,if any?
You can raise your concerns with the management and seek to have conditions improve. Unless you are being discriminated or harassed due to race, gender, age or nationality, that is the recourse. see
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I understand, but there is obviously a problem of team work and communication in this office. My boss has repeatedly admitted that he sees the behaviour and has told me that it is wrong. But he does not do anything about it. He insists he wants me to stay even though he is clearly witnessing her unprofessional behaviour. I don't understand that.
So, attempting to interfere with someone's ability to do their job effectiviely and practicing manipulation does not qualify as harrassment?
If I feel forced to quit to preserve my sanity and integrity, am I eligible for unemployment benefits until I am able to find other employment? I love this job & my boss considers me an asset to his business. He has admitted that he is very intimidated by her and therefore feels awkward about approaching her about any of this. This is so unfair! I'm sorry but, I really would like more suggestions. Thank you!
If the harassment is not discriminatory your options are limited.

You can complain to senior management, try to involve the state labor department, and consider a lawyer letter.
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