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we cad a claim filed aginst us with the constuction contractors

Customer Question

`we cad a claim filed aginst us with the constuction contractors board in oregon by a general contractor claiming our work caused mold in the attic. we have insurance thats willing to pay a settlement amount the the Genral contractor. at the second meeting the median individual sent by the CCB was very biased, rude, not neutral in the situation and unprofesional about the whole situation. she kept pointing fingers at us telling us how everything that we had done had caused the mold in the attic and that if we dont sign that agreement that she WILL go after our contractor bond and make our company "dissappear". when we started questioning what the contractor was claiming she told the other contractor, 'becareful what ou say(name), they are starting to twist your words around. prior walking out of the office she told me to my face, i hope you dont go home and beat your kids up over this. i called her boss and he didnt care about any of the issues i was having. what are my rights now?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  socrateaser replied 8 years ago.

Everything said during a mediation is considered confidential. So, while you can't use anything said during mediation, neither can the mediator. If no agreement came out of the mediation, then the next step will be an adversarial hearing, where, each side will get to make their case and the hearing officer will decide -- without any of the mediator's input.


Hope this helps.


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