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I am going through a divorce and my husband owns 25% of the

Customer Question

I am going through a divorce and my husband owns 25% of the stock in the company (incorporated in Wyoming) that I own 72% in. I had the company before we married and have been the sole director of the company for 5 years and plan on voting myself in again during the annual meeting. We are due to have our annual meeting tomorrow and I have decided I cannot face him (I am terrified of him, have PTSD). Is there any way I can get out of this annual meeting due to an emergency? Can we have the meeting via Skype instead? What happens when the sole director can't make the annual meeting due to illness?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  Law Pro replied 8 years ago.
How many directors or board members are there? How many people do you expect for tomorrow's meeting?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am the only director (I own 72%) and the other 3% shareholder signed a proxy allowing me to vote his shares (like he does every year). My husband (owns 25%) has never been on officer or director and is not on payroll. I only expect my husband to show (maybe he might show-we are not speaking).
Expert:  Law Pro replied 8 years ago.

Clearly emergencies do happen - it just so happens your illness happens tomorrow.


Yes, there are no special requirements (unless stated within your own By-Laws) that an annual meeting has to take place in a certain way. To the contrary, you can give him notice that not feeling well and, therefore, the annual meeting must be postponed.


I would give him notice asap so that he can make other plans and doesn't show up unnecessarily for the meeting.


Yes, schedule the meeting through Skype if that suits your needs better. That's certainly an option - or even a telephone conference can be used. Everyone obviously knows each other voice so there isn't a necessity of even a face-to-face confrontation.


I would contact him and state that the annual meeting has been postponed till later. That he can pick up the annual meeting information from ______ and that because of the circumstances the meeting will be held by Skype or telephone conference (initiated by you) at ________ am/pm tomorrow instead.