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Thank you for contacting justanswer.

I can provide you with considerable detail regarding the format and creation of a business plan, however, your question yesterday was posted under "Jobs" and I am not listed as an expert under "Jobs."

I am, however, pleased to respond to this posting.

The typical format of a business plan includes the following:

1. A cover sheet with your business name and address
2. A statement of purpose of the business (this can be from your Articles of Incorporation or filing with the state as you formed your business), including a mission statement (a sentence or two as to the broad mission of your business) and a vision statement as to what you hope to accomplish with your business.
3. An executive summary of your entire plan simply stated in a page or two
4. A brief strategic plan for your business, what you plan to accomplish during your first year, second and third years and through your fifth year
5. A Table of Contents for your entire plan
6. A description of the business, the products or services you will offer, the market you plan to serve, the location of the business, potential competitors (based on your assessment of websites, local businesses, visits to other locations), the management of your business and staff or personnel you will employ or contract (independent contractors) to handle your business
7. Financial Data, including your sources of funding for your business (investors, commercial loans, SBA loans), an inventory of your capital equipment, a balance sheet for your first month and perhaps your first 6 months or year of business, income projections (profit and loss summaries as to how you will bring income to the business the first 3 years), if you can show historical analysis for similar businesses all the better or show your past successes in business.
8. Appendices and supporting documents. Here I generally suggest you include your bio, resume or VITA to show your experience, education and business successes as well as those of any other owners or significant employees/staff, also include references from satisfied prior customers or investors, include any legal documents, leases, contracts with others that will use your business, include a shot of your website, brochures, letterhead, logo

A business plan can be valuable to a successful business.
1. It provides an objective look at the proposed business.
2. It is also an excellent operating tool to manage the business going forward. Many businesses that have not prepared a business and marketing plan find that they would have been better positioned if they prepared those plans in advance.
3. The business plan can be used to share with potential customers and investors and is also necessary to obtain an commercial loans or other financing.

There are many fine templates on the web to prepare business plans. The local public library also is likely to have business plan books ("Business Plans for Dummies," some with CD Rom samples, etc.). In addition, SCORE, Counselors to America's Small Business provides business plan templates as "tools" at is website:     SCORE experienced volunteer counselors will also provide free consultations through face to face or online sessions to help you prepare and review your business plan.

I hope the above format is helpful and responsive to your question. If you would like further clarification or assistance, please let me know. Best wishes.

GWarren For Business & Nonprofits and 2 other Business Law Specialists are ready to help you
In an effort to further assist you with a complete answer to your question, following is a start-up Business Plan that is provided through the courtesy of SCORE:

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