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I received notification that Im being sued by GE with an attorney

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I received notification that I'm being sued by GE with an attorney from Florida representing GE. I was a member of a partnership in Texas that had a judgment against it without my notification of being served, or being successfully sued. Next thing I know, I'm being sued for money owed to GE without so much as ever being notified of anything. Is this legal? The attorney is exploiting extortion like language to get money out of me when my right to be notified, be served, etc. were just plain ignored! Can I countersue this attorney for legal malpractice. Can I countersue GE for having my rights as a citizen violated by a run away legal system?
You can raise defenses to the claim but unless you have a direct financial loss here caused by the plaintiff, a counterclaim would be dismissed.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Why? My rights were violated!
You need to show a financial injury. If you have one, you can pursue a counterclaim.   
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