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I just asked the question about check kiting... The amount

Resolved Question:

I just asked the question about check kiting... The amount I have in the account is $27,000, which my company desperately needs. When I call the bank to ask whats going on they transfer me to the manager. She always says I will call you with an answer later today, but never calls. She said there is no one I can speak to above her and that I just have to wait for an answer. This has been going on since the Friday before last. I have spoke with her 6 different times. She has a personal problem with my father, so I believe that is why she won't help. Should I contact a lawyer to file a suit or write a letter on my behalf? I had about 8 checks get returned because they put the hold on my account and I have to give those companies an answer soon on when I can make them good. I also talked to the fraud dept. from that bank and they said all deposits were cleared to that account as of last Tuesday. Thanks!
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  Dave Kennett replied 8 years ago.

Well your only option is to file a suit but I really believe that either the funds will be released very soon. It is possible they will issue you a check from the bank and close the account but I can't speak for the bank. If you file a suit you will be able to obtain discovery and find out exactly what is happening but from a practical standpoint it will take you a long time to get any of this resolved in court and it will be expensive.


You may also be able to file for an injunction against the bank for wrongfully withholding your money. You will probably need to hire an attorney for all of this.



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