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I applied for a cleaning franchise and he franchisor and I

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I applied for a cleaning franchise and he franchisor and I met last March 6, 2009 to discussed on how to go about on the franchise. He gave me documents (franchise agreement & disclosure document). On the disclosure document o the last page there is an appendix (Schedule C-Acknowledgement of receipt) stating that i have 14 days from march 6 in w/c to indicate my decision to proceed or not to proceed further and return the documents within 21 days from march 6. and also stated that the $4000 will fully remain refundable, conditional only to the terms noted above. I emailed them on March 19 that i am not interested (which is 13 days) but I failed to sen them back the documents because I was out of town for weeks. Could I still get my money back ($4,000)?

From what you describe, it sounds as if the refund requires return of the documents within a specified time, which is understandable given the proprietary nature of the information.

That being said, I would still make demand for the refund. You provided notice within the specified time and will return the documents.

You have nothing to lose by asking. They may wish to wrap this up and move on rather than deal with an ex prospective franchisee.

Good luck. Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for the reply. could i bargain and say to them that instead of the $4,000, and to be fair to them, just give me $3500 (a $500 damage) for just the 2 documents which I haven't send back?
First, demand the whole $4,000. Don't fall into the trap of bargaining against yourself.
There is always room for negotiation. They might surprise you though and not put up too much fight. That;s why you want to start by asking for the whole thing.
Good luck.
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