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Jane T (LLC)
Jane T (LLC), Attorney
Category: Business Law
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Experience:  Worked in corporation's law department; business formations, formalities, and other business matters
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Hi Jane, would you be able to provide a similar memo as you

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Hi Jane, would you be able to provide a similar memo as you had on the January 2009 paper you did previously regarding business formations and contract agreement? Thank you Linda



When do you need the answer?


Is it to be APA citations?


Is this the one about the non-profit, auto industry classes?



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I need it as soon as you can possibly provide.


What are APA citations? I do have to cite my work if that is your questions.


No, not the auto industry.


I have to research the law for nonprofit and for profit corporations, as well as limited liability companies. Explain what the law is for each type of business organization you are considering and the reasons you have selected one type of business organization as best for your client. Also the law for the limitations of a nonprofit corporation in the state of delaware.



Yes, but if this is the assignment I think it is, the company currently provides classes for students in the auto industry?


Please let me know if that is the same company/assignment I am thinking about.


APA is a format used to cite references as well as format a paper. The other formats are Chicago style and MLA.


I can do this later tonight. Just confirm the details of what the business does.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Jane,


Yes, your exactly correct. I attached the info below. Yes, please use apa to cite references.


Thank you very much, I appreciate you doing this for me tonight.




The Project


To: Student

From: Supervisor

Re: New Client, Career Institute of America, Inc. (CIA)

Date: December 6, 20-

FACTS: We have just met a new client, the CEO of Career Institute of America, Inc.

(CIA). Although the business was formed a year ago as a nonprofit corporation, they

are not sure they are happy being a nonprofit.

CIA is a classroom and online education organization that specializes in training

students in the United States auto industry, one of this country's largest industries.

Their founder, who also serves as the CEO of CIA, would like to retain most of the

ownership and control of the company, because it is really his enterprise. He also has

some concerns about the independent contractor agreement their instructors must

sign when they agree to work for the company. He wants to be sure they are not

construed as employees of the company and are viewed as true independent contractors.

Note that most of the company's income is from online training courses. You should

also know that they received a U.S. Department of Labor retraining grant for the

instruction they are currently providing and that this type of grant is awarded only to

nonprofit educational organizations. Even though CIA was able to obtain this grant as

a nonprofit institution, they realize it was a one-time grant. They must make their

income from tuition for online courses and in the two small classrooms in which they

teach traditional courses. This is why they are not necessarily opposed to changing

their form of business from a nonprofit organization to a for-profit business.

You should further know that the employment contract they provide to their

instructors looks as if it was designed by an amateur and may not comply with

the legal requirements for a valid independent contractor agreement.

RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT: I need you to research two areas of law and prepare a

memorandum to me addressing each area, so I can properly advise the client on how

to proceed. First, determine the limitations of a nonprofit corporation in the state of

Delaware, the state in which CIA was formed and is doing business. You should also

review the law for nonprofit and for-profit corporations, as well as limited liability

companies, in order to determine the best form of business for our client.

I suggest you consult the listing of Delaware statutes on the Delaware state Web site to

assist you in your research. Here is the Web address:



For more general information concerning nonprofit corporations, for-profit corporations,

and limited liability companies, the following are additional Web sites that can assist




Here is your answer.


Please review to make sure this answers all required questions.


Please click on the link above which will open up a new web page.


On the new web page click on the text that says "click here to begin download". This will open up a Word box. Click on the word "Open" in that box to open the file and read the answer.


SAVE that answer to your PC so that you can access it at any time.


Let me know when you are satisfied with the writing and I will then disable the link on this answer to prevent anyone else from viewing or seeing the response I provide here for you. This can help prevent plagarism.




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