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I am not yet ready to start my business, but I would like to

Resolved Question:

I am not yet ready to start my business, but I would like to register it now as a LLC, get my federal tax ID# XXXXX start to build credit under the LLC. I will be opening a bar, but do not have a location for bar. It may be 1 to 2 years out. Will the state of New Hampshire balk at the fact that I am registering a name for a bar that has a apartment address? Any help you could be would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Gary J. Palys
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  David Weilbacher, Esq. replied 8 years ago.
No. Many businesses have a "corporate" or "head quarters" address that is other than the physical address of the business. However, you might find it difficult to build credit for a business that is not in operation. Further, you will find that in the beginning, your personal credit is more important the the business' credit, as most creditors and vendors are going to require that you personally guarantee the obligations of the company.

Good luck on your new endeavor.

You may want to review the information at New Hampshire's Secretary of State's website:

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