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Hi! Not sure if I selected correct field, but here goes I

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Hi! Not sure if I selected correct field, but here goes: I was being audited by State. Went to attorney ("Bob"). Bob hired ("Bill"),a retired state auditor to help us. We gave Bob $3500 retainer.Bill said several times he wasn't taking $ from us or attorney for his services, just throw him a couple hundred. Sometimes, Bill would ask me a question. I would always ask if covered by Attorey-client privledge. (His comments made me wonder!)One day, I decided to put him to the test. I got in writing an up to date summary of costs from Bob,$1663 left. Then,I hinted that I found some things that auditors didn't know about. He said he wish he had known & we hung up. Never heard from him again. I continued & finished with audit alone,no help anywhere. Audit now done.I called Bob to get rest of my $ back. Got check for $454! Took $1200! Letter w/check said both Bob & Bill withdrawing.Never notified me of anything. My ?:Can he take my $ without even asking my side,opinion,etc? Thanks!
He cannot. Fees can only be charged if agreed. Bill was not in contract with you and presumably was either doing it for free, as a favor to bob or being paid by bob. Demand the money back and consider a small claims court lawsuit.   
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