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I work as a Insurance Agent for a broker of a major Insurance

Resolved Question:

I work as a Insurance Agent for a broker of a major Insurance company for three months. I was payed by the Insurance company a total of $9000 as a W2 employee, with additional benefits. I quit my job due to the hardship of the financial market. Life Insurance is not on the priority list of almost no one this days...The broker (not the Insurance Company) sent me a invoice for the total payed to me and they allege it was loan. I payed taxex on this income. It was never offered as a loan. How can I defed myself??
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  Law Pro replied 8 years ago.

You will have to show them (the court) the documentation and pay stubs for your arguement that is was pay and not a loan. No company would do what they did if it was a loan - they would get you to sign a promissory note or something.


They are lying - do not fall into their trap and somehow agree to repay anything. To the contrary, just read whatever you get and inform them that they are now harassing you about an alleged debt which never was. Continuing their course of action may cause you to take legal action against them. Obviously, your not going to do anything but you don't want to miss something if they file suit in the matter.


They are just throwing stuff on the wall to see what, if anything, sticks!

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