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I became a client of someone I was personally involved with

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I became a client of someone I was personally involved with to build my website. Last week I overstepped the boundaries by taking his cell phone during a personal dispute, which is also his business phone. During this whole ordeal we have been back and forth regarding business and personal issues that has been effecting business. He is now requesting that I pay $400.00 to have my web site unlocked. After several requests he has not told me what this new fee is for, but only says it is because of my actions. The website was paid in full. I believe he is trying to backcharge me for perks and discounts he provided before this incident. Does he have the right to charge me anything due to personal issues. What will be the legal ramifications for me if I took him to small claims court and he countersues for my actions? Could I possibly be out of more than $400.00?

He cannot sue you through his business in retaliation for personal issues between the two of you. Also, he can't go back and charge you for things you didn't ask for or things he gave you for free until your disputes began.


He's just mad and doing this for spite. A judge is not going to award him any money for work he did voluntarily. If he doesn't have a work order or a purchase order from you, he should not be allowed to collect.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks! That informatin is helpful, but could he sue me and say he suffered mental anguish, loss of sales or anything like that?
Not likely - he would have to prove this with documented evidence. It is hard to prove emotional distress and loss of income.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Adam was great addressing my concerns regarding a conflict of interest situation. I feel more at ease with his expertise regarding my issue! Thanks!

No problem! Thanks.