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To make a long story short, I have an employment contract with

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To make a long story short, I have an employment contract with someone I am going to be hire that has to be signed tomorrow. The problem is the contract has Zero Corp. listed as the company, but Zero Corp is going to spin off a new corporation (One Corp) and that is who the employee will be working for. The new corporation has not been set up yet and won't be for a few weeks. Can you provide an addendum covering this that I can put in the bottom of the contract stating this?
Addendum to Employment Contract

The undersigned hereby agree that this employment agreement is by and between the "new hire" and Zero Corporation. Also acknowledged, that effective January 1, 2009, Zero Corporation will assign, transfer and set over the terms and conditions of the above referenced agreement to One Corporation. The undersigned agree that the terms of the employment agreement at that point will be between One Corporation and "new hire". This addendum does not affect the terms and conditions of the agreement between Zero Corporation and "new hire", but merely transfers the terms and conditions of the agreement to One Corporation when One Corporation becomes a registered entity.

Signed this ___ day of _______, 2008.

/s/ New Hire
/s/ Zero Corporation

This should cover it, if you have any questions or thoughts please reply so that I can further assist you.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Great! What if there is no specific date for this, however?

I always like to have an effective date; however if you do not wish to use a date you do not have to. Just take out the "that effective January 1, 2009," part and it still works.
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