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Nancy Delain
Nancy Delain, Attorney
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Experience:  Registered Patent Attorney (1/2005); Attorney at Law (1/2004); M.S., Tech Writing (5/1981)
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I am trying to find the licensing rights to a product that

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I am trying to find the licensing rights to a product that was made in 1964 by the Hedaya & Co., Japan. This product is a doll and need to find the license/patent and wish to purchase the rights to the doll.

Hi Debra:


What information can you give me about the doll. Was it sold here in the states? What was the name of the doll? What was the name of the company which distributed it here?


Any other info would be helpful.


Thank you.




Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Mary, thank you for your quick response. The doll stands 7" tall and is a rather goofy big eyed doll. She has a buck tooth that protrudes out of her mouth. I believe she was made as a redhead in 1962, then a brunette in 1964, I also believe that she may have been a blonde as well, but I have not been able to locate the blonde version of the big eyed goofy doll. She typically wears a polka dotted bikini and the red haired version (actually her hair is orange) she is wearing a blue polka dotted bikini.

I do not have a name. The back inscriptions says: 1964 Hedaya & Co., Japan. that is all the information that I have. I have googled her on all the doll sites, and the one prange haired doll came up on GasolineAlly and when I went to purchase the doll ($23.50) they emailed me back saying that they thought she was in a warehouse but could not find her. The brunette doll has a red polka dotted bikini, but when I found her, she was not wearing anything. Her arms, and legs move and she is plastic.

She has been with me for 47 years and I want to purchase the rights to her.

This could have been an anime character (vintage Japan), but I do know that she was here in the states, I found her in a big bin in a thrift shoppe when I was three years old in Ohio.


Hi Debra:


I think this one has me stumped. While I could advise you on the licensing agreement and rights, I can't find the owner of the copyright/trademark.


I checked the US Office of Patents and Trademarks (which is searchable, by the way) and could find no Hedaya.


I checked a general search online and found only two references to Heda ya & Co., aside from the one you mentioned. I have placed the links below. Neither gives any information about the company.


I am assuming that the company went out of business or was bought by another company. However, the rights to the doll design could still be held by some company, so I can't advise you one way or another.


Sorry I couldn't be of more use. I don't even know where you should begin to search the company. Have you consulted with the experts on antique and/or vintage toys and dolls. Some of those dealers have a wealth of knowledge concerning the origins of dolls.


I will opt out of this question, in case another lawyer might be of more help.


Best of luck on your search.








Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Mary, thank you so much. I have written to a few of the antique doll dealers and am waiting for their reply. I think it odd that so many dolls were made by Hedaya & Co., but we cannot find the company listed anywhere over the years.


Thank you so much for trying!



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You'll have to scroll down to see the doll in question, but is this a sample of the doll you wish info on?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you, Nancy. No this is not the doll in question. The particular doll in question has a buck tooth protruding from her mouth. She is both a red head and a brunette and I believe was made as a blonde. The copyright on her is 1964 Hedaya & Co., Japan. I have the doll in my possession since I was 3 years old.


My question is actually regarding the copyright of the doll/character and where the Hedaya & Co., NY or Japan is or where they were headquartered?


I have found in the interim that Hedaya & Co., is no longer in business, however, I am trying to obtain the copyright information and/or artist for a particular series of dolls, that I believe were made for Carnivals and Fairs. I need to find the history of a particular character and thus the copyright information.


Thank You,


Hi Debra,

From the information I've seen about Hedaya & Co., they were actually headquartered in NY and had the dolls made in Japan.

Here's the link to the corporate listing that gives you the current corporate information and information about how to get ahold of Hedaya & Co.:

If this is the same company (and the name is XXXXX XXXXX match so it would surprise me if it wasn't), they are evidently now known as Holiday Fair, Inc., and they are to be found in New York City. If you contact them directly, they may be of better help to you, since we're all floundering in the dark here.

In general, expiration on copyright that was registered before 1976 is a confusing morass of technicalities and needs to be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

Good luck with it!


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Nancy Delain, Attorney
Category: Business Law
Satisfied Customers: 198
Experience: Registered Patent Attorney (1/2005); Attorney at Law (1/2004); M.S., Tech Writing (5/1981)
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