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I have a client who owes me ~$31K and refuses to pay. I ...

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I have a client who owes me ~$31K and refuses to pay. I understand that, to file a law suit to collect on this invoice, I must file in the Georgia Superior court. I plan to do so without an attorney. What is the process for filing a lawsuit if this kind and where can I get more information?
You can draft a simple complaint and look at your local legal blank company in GA to see if they have forms that you can simply fill in. Go to the superior court in your county and go to see the clerk who will help you fill in the summons. Be prepared to pay a filing fee and take cash since many do not accept checks. Generally initial filing fees are around 200-300 dollars and you will recover that as part of your judgment. Take multiple copies of your proof that he owes you the money to attach to the complaint and so a copy can be served on him with the complaint. He will have so many days to answer then you will have a pretrial hearing in front of a judge or his bailiff.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
We provided IT services and CPA, tax and other CFO-type services to the client. When you say take proof that he owes you to attach to the complaint, do you mean the invoice we submitted to the client for payments or proof that services were provided?
Absolutely. The invoice is your written evidence. If you have an initial retainer agreement then attach that as well.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you!
you are most welcome and good luck.

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