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I do email marketing for a pizza company I work for. When ...

Customer Question

I do email marketing for a pizza company I work for. When someone signs up for the club, I ask them about their interests, including their favorite sports team. My question is, can I use the team colors and logos in the emails I sign to the interested member along with the teams schedule, provided that I state that the team is in no way affiliated with our company, and the team is the owner of any images? The idea would be to invite people in to watch the game in our restaurants, and use a coupon during the game. Am I ok if I just state on every email that we are not associated with the sports team, and they own any team related content in the email?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  skelly151 replied 9 years ago.
You can refer to the team and schedule, but you must have their permission in order to use any logos on your advertising and stating that you are not affiliated with the sports team is not enough to cover your acts from violating their copyright and trademarks.
Expert:  skelly151 replied 9 years ago.
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