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Anne_C, Attorney
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Hello I have a ongoing case in the Fedral courts ...

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Hello I have a ongoing case in the Fedral courts question at this time is , is how can I get documents ,from a place that I need for my case...I dont need the place where the ducs are at to testify but I need information that they have that has a great deal to do with the case how can i get this information...........

Dear Lake Worth, Florida:

  • Are you asking for documents from a party to the case, or from a person, company or entity that is not a party?
  • Is it a civil or criminal case?
  • Are you asking for the documents to be produced at Trial, or earlier?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Yes this is a civil case the party im needing to get information from ...well is the socail security administration ,,,,but they are not a party in the case.........I would like to produce this information before trail..............Thank you..........

Dear Lake Worth, Florida:

Thank you for the additional information. Do the records you want pertain to you, or to someone else?

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Yes heres deal in shorth , I recive social sercuity.....I have children that recive moneys from my socail sercuity benifits......I need to know how much they have recive from my benifits for two court cases I have right now being civil case...............

Dear Lake Worth, Florida:

Because the records you are asking for are yours, the Social Security Administration can release those records with your written consent. Here is a link to a form you can use for doing this: Since you want to use the records in Court, you need to ask the SSA to certify the records for you when you request them.

Here is a link to a publication on this issue you may find helpful:

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