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If you co-own a dog in contract and a co-owner states in ...

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If you co-own a dog in contract and a co-owner states in email and verbal on tape "I'm out of dogs" is this a breach of contract?
Explain the situation a little more. Was this one particualr dog or did you have a depost on a dog?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Business lawyer's Post:

This pertains to several dogs bred by breeder owned by several persons, and the said breeder has co-ownership on contract & papers.

Contract has owner and co-owner/ owners

Some dogs were bred by this person and some bred by others many co-ownerships. Breeder/ Co-owner verbally stated and emailed "I'm out of dogs" pertaining to All Owned dogs by him.

A few people want to bring a breach against this said person. Also there are a few states in which these ownerships arise. Breeder still in same kennel/ address as the original contracts.

I am not trying to be dense, but help me out a little more. Were there specific dogs that were purportedly owned by the breeder and other people and he is claiming that he no longer has the dogs?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.

All Dogs are owned or co-owned by several people. No deposits.

This Breeder co-owns with the said owners. This breeder 2 years ago left every owner to fend for themselves. Left the business. Now is back slaundering people and claiming his contractual status.

There are emails, voicemails on tape and several witnesses. All current owners don't want to do business with this breeder anymore and feel he is in breach of contract/ contracts.

Is he?

He is indeed in breach of contract. You need to file suit against him immediately. If the value of the dogs was under 10,000, then in most jurisdictions you can file in small claims court. You need to file within four years of the breach (again, in most jurisdictions) so I suggest you get to suing.
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