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I want to purchase a corporation in GA. Do you have a ...

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I want to purchase a corporation in GA. Do you have a boilerplate form that will give me all rights to the name and the corporation. I want the rights to the DnB number also which they don't appear to have used. The corporation I want to acquire belongs to someone who incorporated but never really launched their business. I like the name they selected. Do you have a suitable document?
You could just purchase all the stock of the corporation, that's how it's usually done. Once you are the registered owner on the corporate books of all the stock, then you own the corporation, lock, stock and barrel.

This information is not specific to your state but would be true anywhere.

If you really want to be sure everything is done properly you should hire a lawyer in Georgia to handle the paperwork. Usually the lawyer would then become the lawyer for the corporation and make sure the corporate books and records and seal are all properly dealt with and the required reports are filed on time. So I urge you to hire an attorney in Georgia who does that sort of work.

I hope this information was helpful.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I do know that. I appreciate your response but I am looking for a document to facilitate that sale. Something boiler plate. Have you ever seen or can you get a template of such a document?
OK here are two to choose from:

you might combine those with depending on your circumstances and whether the transaction falls within the bulk sales law of your State.

I have not compared them, I am not your attorney, I urge you to have an attorney advise you in this transaction but you asked for some boiler plate and I think I found what you asked for.

I hope this is acceptable, and I can't believe I actually located it. It took a bit of digging.
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