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I have an idea for a new pistol case design I would like to ...

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I have an idea for a new pistol case design I would like to submit to a manufacturer for consideration and remuneration if my idea leads to a design change or variation on their existing cases or newly made cases. How to have them sign a disclosure statement? If they think my idea has merit could I get a commitment for a percentage of gross sales? I have two such cases available for review.
I think it is unlikely that the manufacturer will accept your idea on a confidential basis. Most manufacturers will not. But, you could ask them to sign a non-disclosure and see what they say.

As far as getting a percentage of sales, again, I think most manufacturers would not agree to that. They would generally rather agree to give you a single payment. They don't want to be paying X% for feature 1 to one person, Y% for feature 2 to another person, Z% for feature 3, etc. All of a sudden X plus Y plus Z plus.... would add up to over 100!

You should consider obtaining patent protection before sending out your idea for review by the manufacturers (whether or not you get them to sign a confidentiality agreement.) You can get more information on the patent process at:

You might look at:

Generally, it is recommended to involve a patent attorney with preparation of a patent application. The patent attorney should be able to advise you on ways to keep the costs minimied while you see if the manufacturers are interested. For example, ask about a "provisional patent application".

You can also get a list of registered patent attorneys in your area on the website at:
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