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We are a small car dealer in NC, we are being sued for over ...

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We are a small car dealer in NC, we are being sued for over a vehicle that did not belong to us.We sold it for a individual. Almost 2 years after the sale of the vehicle, we are served papers saying the car was salvaged. The man that owned the car gave us a clean title, and the bank that financed the car for the buyer has a clean title. The buyer has gotten his info from car fax that the car was salvaged, but all dmv title work is clear. I sent in my written response from the summons and sent a copy to the plaintiff lawyer and we have not heard anything yet, other than a letter coming to us with with a scheduled order and a court date set a year from now.....what should we do???? All our copies of titles show we had no way of knowing this vehicle was salvaged...Does he have a ligetimate case against us...thank you

Keep all your documents and bring them to court with you. It seems like this is primarily a nuisance case and an attempt to get you to settle easy when you don't really owe anything.

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Marty Burbank, Esq., JD, LLM

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