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creditors filing liens

Customer Question

I have two cars in my name - one valued at aprox 15,000 amd the other aprox 800. I spent most of 2007 in and out of hospital with four months on a vent. I now have all of the credit cards that I owed turned over to collection. I want to know if I put my vehicles in my name and another person if they can lien my cars. Can I put "or" or should I put "and" or does it matter. Can they still lien it with both names. I am also trying to get state medical help. I am in the state of Florida. I also need to know how I can keep my car from counting against me in qualifying for medical help. Can I even file bankrupcy with my vehicle? My brother actually paid for the car so I would have a decent car to drive - I''m not really free to sell it and do whatever.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Business Law
Expert:  jdhaas replied 9 years ago.
You need to consult with a Florida bankruptcy or debtor lawyer. You can find them by contacting the referral service of the Florida bar:

If you maintain an ownership interest with another person, the lienholders still may be able to attach the vehicle. You must disclose the vehicle and all assets when applying for state medical assistance. Yes, you can file bankruptcy with your vehicle. Furthermore, in most states creditors cannot take a primary vehicle from your household to satisfy a debt. Good luck.

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