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Category: Business Law
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Hi, I recently had a business dealing where I could not ...

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Hi, I recently had a business dealing where I could not deliver the required project in the timeframe required by the client. I did finish the project but it was beyond the timeframe the client requested. I made no money off the project but the client did pay money to other developers on the project. I would like to repay him for his investment but didnt know if this would set me up for being sued for loss of potential profits from the project. Right now the client is not demanding anything but didnt know if an offer to repay his investment would give him the idea of suing for other potential losses. Is it possible for him to do this? The client is located in Hawaii and I did the work remotely in Pennsylvania.


Let sleeping dogs lie as they say. Best strategy.......let him make the first a litagator for 30+ years...been there often for clients.



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