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1. Which of the following bases of power refers to a person

Customer Question

1. Which of the following bases of power refers to a person having and sharing valuable information to
others who need such information?
A. Legitimate
B. Referent
C. Expert
D. Reward
2. Organizational controls affect which of the following?
A. Ethics and laws
B. Ethics, fraud, costs, audit, and risks
C. Fraud and audit
D. Risks and costs
3. A partial cash budget for BRP Corporation is shown below in millions (M).
What is the cash shortage or surplus amount for the BRP Corporation?
Cash receipts $2M
Beginning cash balance $1M
Minimum cash balance required $1.75M
Cash disbursements $3M
A. Cash surplus of $2.0M
B. Cash shortage of $1.75M
C. Cash shortage of $2.0M
D. Cash surplus of $1.75M
4. The proper roles expected of the board of directors of a corporation include which of the following?
A. Guardians, protectors, guarantors
B. Officers, custodians, and owners
C. Guarantors, guardians, and fiduciaries
D. Custodians, guardians, and stewards
5. A country's government is dealing with major, complex, and crosscutting issues such as climate change
and pollution control that involves several agencies to work together and resolve the issues. Which of the
following items is more useful than the other three items to resolve such issues?
A. Task forces
B. Committees
C. Teams
D. Focus groups
6. Which of the following represents the correct relationships in the accounting equation?
A. Assets equal liabilities minus owners' equity
B. Assets plus liabilities equal owners' equity
C. Assets plus owners' equity equal liabilities
D. Assets equal liabilities plus owners' equity
7. Supplier certification means
A. evaluating a supplier's quality systems.
B. approving the supplier's production processes.
C. making sure the supplier is competent.
D. maintaining the incoming materials quality.
8. Regarding product mix, brand name is ***** ***** of
A. promotion.
B. product.
C. place.
D. price.
9. Regarding global business, the "most favored nation" trading status means
A. poor member countries charge higher tariffs on imported goods.
B. all member countries charge the same tariffs on imported goods.
C. rich member countries charge lower tariffs on imported goods.
D. non-member countries charge average tariffs on imported goods.
10. Mishandling of employees' disciplinary procedures by an organization can create _______ risks.
A. ethical and religious
B. cultural and behavioral
C. political and economic
D. legal and financial
11. Which of the following protects whistleblowers when they report illegal, immoral, or unethical practices
to their organizations?
A. Sensitivity training
B. Policies and procedures
C. Counseling centers
D. Ombudsperson
12. Which of the following is an example of a high-level business policy?
A. Requiring sales receipts for returns
B. Requiring procedures to comply with pollution control laws
C. Requiring a signed contract prior to start of a new project
D. Requiring a signed contract prior to acquisition of assets
13. Which of the following network connectivity mechanisms monitor and control incoming and outgoing
network traffic?
A. Switches
B. Sensors
C. Routers
D. Firewalls
14. A company can increase revenues and profits if they focus on
A. average customers and below-average customers.
B. major customers and average customers.
C. loyal customers and major customers.
D. loyal customers and average customers.
15. Regarding supplier performance measurement, a supplier's willingness to participate in the minimum
purchase requirement comes under _______ measures.
A. delivery
B. service
C. quality
D. cost/price
16. A supervisor just completed one of his employee's annual performance review. The supervisor saw a
growth potential for this employee in the company. Which of the following is the next step for the
supervisor to do?
A. Inform his manager about the amount of pay raise that is within the budget
B. Decide the amount of pay raise to give
C. Identify training and development needs
D. Inform the human resources department about the completion of the review
17. Which of the following is an extrinsic reward?
A. Self-actualization
B. A sense of accomplishment
C. Praise from a senior manager
D. Self-esteem
18. Which of the following represents the correct sequence of handling physical security threats?
A. Detect → Delay → Deny → Deter
B. Deter → Deny → Detect → Delay
C. Deny → Detect → Deter → Delay
D. Delay → Deny → Detect → Deter
19. A portion of the balance sheet data for SPK Corporation is shown below in millions (M).
What is SPK Corporation's working capital?
Current assets $6M
Current liabilities $3M
A. $4.5M
B. $3M
C. $9M
D. $6M
20. In a manufacturing company, the number of hours it takes to manufacture a car measures
A. efficiency.
B. dynamics.
C. innovation.
D. effectiveness.
21. Which of the following marketing budgets is least useful?
A. Bottom-up
B. Percent-of-sales
C. Cus
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21. Which of the following marketing budgets is least useful?
A. Bottom-up
B. Percent-of-sales
C. Customer-mix
D. Top-down
22. Job performance is affected by motivation and
A. leadership.
B. training.
C. ability.
D. strategy.
23. The scope of private law includes which of the following?
A. Criminal law, contract law, and constitutional law
B. Tort law, administrative law, and property law
C. Contract law, tort law, and property law
D. Constitutional law, administrative law, and criminal law
24. The best way to treat a computer-based customer relationship management system is to consider it as
a/an _______ system.
A. front-end
B. back-end
C. integrated
D. bridge
25. Marketing and sales management should focus more on doing
A. up-selling and cross-selling.
B. cross-selling and lateral-selling.
C. lateral-selling and down-selling.
D. up-selling and down-selling.
26. Which of the following ensures non-discrimination in employment practices?
A. Department of Labor
B. National Labor Relations Board
C. Office of Personnel Management
D. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
27. Which of the following bankruptcy Chapter Codes apply to personal bankruptcy cases?
A. Chapters 7, 11, and 13 Codes
B. Chapter 13 Code only
C. Chapter 11 Code only
D. Chapter 7 Code only
28. Which of the following bases of power is based on an individual's charisma?
A. Referent
B. Legitimate
C. Coercive
D. Reward
29. A partial balance sheet data for CMB Corporation is shown below in millions (M).
What are the total assets of the CMB Corporation?
Cash $2M
Buildings $6M
Marketable securities $1M
Accounts payable $4M
Notes payable $5M
Accounts receivable $2M
Taxes payable $1M
Inventory $3M
Notes receivable $4M
Equipment $5M
A. $33M
B. $29M
C. $32M
D. $23M
30. A retail store sells CDs for $15.00. If the cost per CD is $11.00, what is the store's markup on selling
A. 27%
B. 22%
C. 73%
D. 66%
31. Return-on-sales would be higher under which of the following pricing continuums?
A. Ceiling prices
B. Floor prices
C. Very low prices
D. Very high prices
32. Which of the following eliminates incoming inspection of materials coming from a supplier to a buyer?
A. Supplier certification methods
B. Supplier reduction strategies
C. Integrating suppliers
D. Early involvement of suppliers in product design
33. Which of the following is an asset for teams?
A. Domination of a few but strong team members
B. Group conformity
C. Groupthink
D. Working toward a common goal
34. Which of the following leaders fosters creativity and growth?
A. Transactional
B. Trait
C. Transformational
D. Classic
35. Which of the following uses a moderator to guide the work of several members?
A. Task forces
B. Working groups
C. Teams
D. Focus groups
36. Which of the following helps in problem-solving?
A. Listening and discounting
B. Stroking and discounting
C. Listening and stroking
D. Stroking only
37. The Uniform Commercial Code applies to
A. real property.
B. personal property.
C. land.
D. buildings.
38. Which of the following is the most restrictive trade barrier resulting from political actions?
A. Quotas
B. Embargoes
C. Product standards
D. Boycotts
39. Mary in the accounting department is dealing with many work-related disputes with her manager,
Nancy. It has reached to a point where Mary cannot do her job anymore. Where should Mary go to file a
complaint about Nancy?
A. Arbitrator
B. Mediator
C. Conciliator
D. Ombudsperson
40. _______ show the amount of time needed to complete activities as well as the amount of activity that
needs to be completed within a timeframe.
A. Organizational charts
B. Gantt charts
C. Process diagrams
D. Fishbone diagrams
41. Regular payback period is defined as the
A. present value of cash inflows divided by present value of cash outflows.
B. present value of benefits minus present value of costs.
C. net investment divided by average cash inflows.
D. average annual profits divided by initial cash outlay.
42. Backward or reverse electronic auction occurs between
A. one seller and many buyers.
B. one buyer and one seller.
C. one buyer and many sellers.
D. many buyers and many sellers.
43. Which of the following types of inventory decreases when customers are buying heavily and production
management wasn't able to meet the customer demand?
A. Finished goods
B. In-transit
C. Raw materials
D. Work-in-process
44. Which of the following is used to calculate the cost-of-living index?
A. Balance of trade (BOT)
B. Consumer price index (CPI)
C. Producer price index (PPI)
D. Balance of payments (BOP)
45. Which of the following represents the correct sequence?
A. Policy → Strategy → Mission → Goals
B. Mission → Goals → Strategy → Policy
C. Goals → Mission → Policy → Strategy
D. Strategy → Goals → Policy →Mission
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46. The proper roles expected of the Chief Executive Officer of a company include which of the following?
A. Mentor, doubter, motivator, and hard bargainer
B. Leader, mentor, motivator, and communicator
C. Communicator, dictator, rank-puller, and hard negotiator
D. Task-oriented, coercive leader, results-driven, and hard seller
47. Which of the following represents the correct sequence?
A. Objectives → Goals → Mission → Strategies
B. Strategies → Mission → Objectives → Goals
C. Mission → Goals → Objectives → Strategies
D. Goals → Mission → Strategies → Objectives
48. What's the major requirement for low-context managers doing business in high-context cultures?
A. Promptness
B. Formality
C. Patience
D. Flexibility
49. Everyday low pricing means _______ pricing.
A. going-rate
B. value-based
C. auction-type
D. skimming
50. Which of the following can act as a planning and controlling tool?
A. Profitability ratios
End of exam
B. Budgets
C. Liquidity ratios
D. Quality management principles
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