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1. There are three (and only three) paths through a network

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1. There are three (and only three) paths through a network (project), each with a probability of completion in less than 24 months as indicated:
a. S-a-b-F P1(<24) = .95
b. S- d-e-F P2(<24) = .85
c. S- g-h-F P3(<24) = .90
If the tasks are independent, what is the probability of the network being completed within 24 months? Note: S is the start node, F is the finish node.
2. You have been assigned to estimate the cost of installing fiber optic cable in a country. Fortunately, you have done a number of similar projects in this area in the past and you have accumulated the following parametric cost estimates based on this experience:

Mobilization/demobilization Cost = $10,000

Buried cable construction:
Cost per kilometer = $10,000 Sand
Cost per kilometer = $17,500 Sand & Clay
Cost per 100 meters = $ 5,500 Rock

Overhead cable installation:
Cost per kilometer = $ 7,500

Cost per Road Crossing = $12,500
Cost per pipeline Crossing = $ 5,000

The scope of the new project is as follows:

Predominately sand 150 km
Predominately sand & clay 100 km
Rock 500 meters
overhead XXXXXcrossings 3
pipeline crossings 5

Estimate the cost of construction for this project. Assume the estimates are fully loaded, ie they include labor, materials, applicable indirect costs such as overhead, etc. Must show your work.
Welcome to our forum!

Thanks for asking. I'll send the solution to asap.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Just making sure you are aware there are 2 different questions, 1. and 2.?

Yes, got it.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I do not mean to bother, but is there an estimated time when I will receive a response?! Thank you!!

Hi Natalie,

I'll post your answer within an hour or so.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sounds good, thank you again!

Most welcome!
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