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Write a paper 500-750 words that analyze the need for health

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Write a paper 500-750 words that analyze the need for health care reform. The paper should incorporate not fewer than 3 references including the text book. In the paper you should
1) Identify concerns about cost, quality and access to the current US Health Care system.
2) Answer the question, is the current Health Care system an example of market failure that requires gov’t intervention?
3) Describe different proposals for change from both political parties.
4) Summarize key elements of reform that are needed from the perspective of the author of the source used.
Text book I read; Essential of Health economy : 1st edition.
Hi, welcome back and thanks for requesting me. I can complete this for you but would need a $20 bonus. Let me know if that is acceptable and I'll get started.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes. Go ahead.

All set. 700+ words plus 3 references. All 100% original. Please remember to include the bonus based on your satisfaction with my work.

Thanks again for requesting me and let me know when I can help in the future.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Unable to open answer link.

Sorry, forgot that you had trouble with the link last time. Here you are:

The state of the current US health system reflects a system that has seen little reform and only skyrocketing cost for decades. The primary concern voiced by members of Congress is that there are people who are not covered by insurance and believe that everyone should have health insurance as a way to reduce the overall cost of providing care by increasing the number of people who have insurance thereby increasing the pool of people in programs that work to reduce the overall cost structure as in theory the health plans would take in additional funds from younger and healthier people in order to offset the cost of those who are sick or are older and require more health services.
Alongside access is the ongoing problem of the cost trends that have occurred and continue to occur as the cost of providing basic care has continued to rise along with all related health services. Increasing cost mean that there are fewer people, especially those without insurance, who can’t afford access to health care services simply based on the cost. Quality is something that most people would agree currently exist but isn’t truly exercised as the payments for services are not tied to outcomes only the number of services that are performed on a patient. This tends to reward doctors for conducting test and procedures and leaves little need for them to justify those treatments in proving that there is no recurrence of the problem in the future. In addition to quality there is also the issue of cost here.
The current healthcare system is not an example of market failure, it’s a result of a system that was designed to provide health insurance for those who are working as the current system is based on obtaining insurance from your employer. In most cases the market does a great job of finding equilibrium pricing and encouraging efficiency. Nothing about the current system provides any indication as to the pricing structure as most people are unaware of what they or their insurance company are actually paying. The patient cares about their cost and the insurance company cares about their cost but there is little visibility into the pricing model and certainly no incentive for individuals to price check for services to be performed. Efficiency is also discouraged, as there is no incentive for providers to reduce the cost of the services they provide in order to draw in more customers. Customers are simply driven to a certain doctor based on their insurance provider. Blaming the failure of the system on the market doesn’t address any of the issues related to healthcare cost or efficiency and as such should not be viewed as the problem.
Changes from the different parties range from the Democratic Party that wishes to have the government eventually provide all forms of healthcare as they believe that a collective government entity would provide the biggest buying power and reduce the overall cost. Republicans on the other hand believe that insurance should be provided to those who work, those who can’t care for themselves and children and that healthcare is not a right. Both of the parties are on completely different sides which is reflected in the passage of the Affordable Care Act resulting in a split along party lines in order to actually pass the legislation.
There are a number of key elements related to the reform of the US healthcare system which focuses on access to care for anyone. By providing care to everyone it is believed that preventive medicine and screenings will provide lower cost as disease will be detected earlier and prevent the need for more expensive surgeries and drug cost related to the problems that can be prevented. Cost is also a major factor as limiting the cost of care would create the ability for more people to be able to afford it. Current thinking also focuses around providing care to anyone who can’t afford it to ensure that everyone has access and a certain quality of life. Finally quality is a concern but typically addressed as an afterthought to the overall driving need to simply provide some form of basic care for everyone such that everyone is covered against health changes that lead to disease and cases where people are unable to afford their treatment.

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