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Title VII applies to all employers within the United States.

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Title VII applies to all employers within the United States. (Points : 2)

2. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act does not: (Points : 2)
require employers to treat pregnancy as other disabilities are treated.
require women disabled by pregnancy to be provided with the same benefits as other disabled workers.
require an employer to provide paid sick leave benefits to pregnant women if it does not provide them to other disabled workers.
apply to sick leave programs.

3. Title VII requires that employers make reasonable efforts to accommodate their employees' religious practices. (Points : 2)

4. A nuisance (Points : 2)
is created by every interference that has an effect on others.
is established when the plaintiff shows harm as the result of the defendant's conduct.
arises only by an interference that is great enough to be condemned as unreasonable.
was held to have arisen when smoke, fumes, and noise from public utilities caused harm to the plaintiffs.

5. Ken applies for a job at Local Plant, Inc. During the interview, Ken mentions that some of his friends are Hispanic. The interviewer says that Local Plant does not hire people who associate with Hispanics. This is (Points : 2)
impermissible discrimination on the basis of race.
not discrimination.
permissible discrimination at the application stage of employment.
permissible discrimination at any stage of employment.

6. Criteria used to make employment decisions that have a disparate impact on women, for example, height requirements, must be job related. (Points : 2)

7. Title VII protects members of which racial group? (Points : 2)
blacks only
blacks, Native Americans, Asian-Pacifics only
whites only
all racial groups

8. Eagle Equipment Corporation discharges Jay, who then sues Eagle for employment discrimination under Title VII. Eagle learns that Jay lied on his job application and argues that, had Eagle known of the lie, it would have fired him. This is (Points : 2)
an affirmative action defense.
a bona fide occupational qualification defense.
a business necessity defense.
no defense.

9. A good defense to an employment discrimination suit exists if an employer can show that promotions or other job benefits are distributed according to a fair seniority system. (Points : 2)

10. A disparate impact exists when an employer's facially neutral employment practices have a significantly adverse impact on a protected group and the practice is not shown to be job related and necessary. (Points : 2)

11. What is a principal purpose of the Superfund? (Points : 2)
to establish environment-friendly zoning plans
to establish appropriate eminent-domain compensation
to pay the cost of eliminating or containing condemned waste sites
to pay the cost of funding environmental impact statements for public projects

12. It is probable that a zoning variance would be granted (Points : 2)
even though many of the neighboring property owners object.
on the ground of hardship, whether or not the landowner created the hardship.
to an outside advertiser to build a billboard that would make the advertiser more money.
when the desired use of the land is in`harmony with the general nature of the surrounding areas.'

13. Pregnant women are entitled to the same benefits as other disabled workers. (Points : 2)

14. Superfund is a creation of which of the following? (Points : 2)
Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA)
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

15. Under Title VII, whites are protected against discrimination because of race and color. (Points : 2)

16. The Blanchard and Peale three-part test for resolving ethical dilemmas consists of the following questions: (Points : 2)
Is it legal? Is it ethical? Is it moral?
Is it legal? Is it balanced? How does it feel?
Is it ethical? Is it right? Is it front-page material?
Is it right? Is it balanced? Does it smell funny?

17. The Equal Pay Act: (Points : 2)
does not allow variances in wages pursuant to a seniority system.
generally requires that members of both sexes be paid equally for equal work.
generally requires a system that measures earnings by quantity of work performed.
generally requires a system that measures earnings by quality of work performed.

18. What is an employer defense to a disparate impact charge? (Points : 2)
The employer did not intend to discriminate.
The employment practice is job related and consistent with business practice.
The practice does not have a disparate impact on members of any race or protected group.
The practice is widespread and accepted in the industry.

19. Besides quid pro quo sexual harassment, the law forbids hostile working environment harassment. (Points : 2)

20. When supervisors seek sexual favors in return for job benefits, the practice is called: (Points : 2)
quid pro quo sexual harassment.
hostile working environment sexual harassment.
a non-covered situation under Title VII.
a matter to be dealt with privately by litigation only.

21. The owner of a factory that releases toxic chemicals into the air and surrounding waterways may be in violation of (Points : 2)
environmental regulations.
zoning regulations.
antitrust regulations.
all of the above

22. The ethical category of fairness is best expressed as (Points : 2)
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Let the buyer beware.
He who laughs last laughs best.
No harm, no foul.

23. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits job discrimination on the basis of education and experience. (Points : 2)

24. Laws that prohibit defamation, invasions of privacy, and discrimination exist primarily (Points : 2)
for protection of the person.
for protection of public health, safety, and morals.

for protection of property.

for protection of the state.

25. Religious societies may not grant hiring preferences to members of their religion. (Points : 2)

26. Generally, the EEOC attempts to remedy an unlawful practice through conciliation. (Points : 2)

27. Ann's Retail, a women's clothing store, hires female attendants to assist clients in the store's dressing rooms. Larry, a male, applies for, and is refused, a job as an attendant. Larry then sues Ann's Retail for employment discrimination under Title VII. Against the suit, the store has (Points : 2)
an affirmative action defense.
an after-acquired evidence defense.
a bona fide occupational qualification defense.
a business necessity defense.

28. Employment testing and educational requirements must be job related, i.e., bear a relationship to job performance. (Points : 2)

29. Damages are not available for victims of intentional employment discrimination based on gender, religion, age, or disability. (Points : 2)

30. An act that is a nuisance at all times and under any circumstances is a (Points : 2)
permanent nuisance.
nuisance in fact.
continuing nuisance.
nuisance per se.
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