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1. (TCO 4) An entrepreneur who wishes to start a business with

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1. (TCO 4) An entrepreneur who wishes to start a business with little delay or hassle, and who wants to be his or her own boss, should organize the business as a:
sole proprietorship.
C corporation.
general partnership.
2. (TCO 4) In a limited liability partnership, each partner's risk of losing personal assets is:
limited to the amount that each partner invested in the company.
limited to losses that result from their own acts and omissions and the acts and omissions of those who work under their supervision.
determined entirely by the maximum loss provision established by the articles of co-partnership.
3. (TCO 4) The form of business ownership that is best suited to raising large amounts of money for expansion is the:
sole proprietorship.
4. (TCO 4) Entrepreneurs applying for a bank loan should realize that bankers will
expect to receive a share of ownership in the business in exchange for their loan.
expect the entrepreneur to have a well-prepared business plan.
generally make loans only to small businesses in related industries.
offer only short-term financing.
5. (TCO 3) Free trade between nations generally results in:
industrialized nations gaining at the expense of developing nations.
the loss of jobs in developed nations.
mutually beneficial exchange relationships.
higher prices for goods that are imported.
6. (TCO 3) The two basic types of tariffs are:
goods and services.
revenue and protective.
comparative and absolute.
general and limited.
7. (TCO 3) Which of the following represents the value of one nation's currency relative to the currencies of another country?
Euro rate.
Currency exchange rate.
Value rate.
Standard of living.
8. (TCO 2) Which of the following reflects the desire of an ethical manager to achieve a "win-win" relationship with others?
Is it legal?
Is it balanced?
How will it make me feel about myself?
How can I benefit at the expense of others?
9. (TCO 2) After developing a code of ethics, it should be communicated to:
everyone with whom the business has dealings.
the Attorney General in jurisdictions where the business has operations.
all levels of management.
10. (TCO 2) Corporate ________ encompasses various issues such as setting minority hiring practices, manufacturing safe products, and minimizing pollution.
structure and strategy
11. (TCO 2) The Enron scandal revealed ________ corporate behavior.
legal but unethical
12. (TCO 1) A typical supply curve shows a relationship between the:
amount of labor a firm hires and the amount of output it can produce.
amount of time required to produce a good and the relevant production costs.
price of a good and the quantity sellers would be willing to offer for sale.
amount of a good a firm produces and the total profit it earns.
13. (TCO 1) When the government runs a budget deficit, it increases the:
national debt.
balance of payments deficit.
federal capital account.
money supply.
1. (TCO 1) Kathleen manages a manufacturing plant for ScanRite, Inc., a producer of scanners and other input devices connected to computers. About six months ago, Kathleen asked an assistant to keep track of both work hours and output at her plant. She has compared these figures, and has found that even though the number of workers (and the hours they worked) remained relatively steady over the past six months, the plant's output increased significantly. This indicates that:
the productivity of workers at the ScanRite plant has increased.
the ScanRite plant must have sold off some of its excess inventory.
ScanRite prices have increased faster than the wages it pays to its workers.
Kathleen should hire more workers.
2. (TCO 9) Harriet Smith started her own used bookstore four years ago. Her business has prospered and she now has a large number of regular customers. She wants to computerize her records so that she can easily keep track of the names, addresses, and phone numbers of each customer, as well as the types of books each customer likes. She plans to use this information to contact customers when she receives books they might like. The type of software that would be most useful to Harriet is:
a database program.
a systems configuration package.
communications software.

Thanks for the questions and the positive rating on the last post.

I am working on these and will answer as soon as possible. Are there any more that may have been cut off?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes there are thank you soo much for your time and help I wish you knew how to do essays as well hah, but here the are the last of the questions.


3. (TCO 9) The most likely reason a firm would decide to establish an extranet would be the desire to: (Points : 6) speed the flow of information on its private network by increasing the bandwidth.
make the information on its network widely available to the general public.
share information and collaborate with a select group of outside organizations or individuals.
overcome the speed and capacity limitations of its external connection to the Internet by gaining access to the very high speed Backbone Network Service.

4. (TCO 8) As the campaign manager for a candidate for the U.S. Senate, Pete works to learn as much as possible about potential voters. With this information, he hopes to focus the campaign on the issues most important to voters. This represents: (Points : 6)

the use of marketing by a nonprofit organization.
a nonprofit application of the production era strategy.
the selling of a candidate in a political campaign.
an extension of the profit orientation to a nonprofit organization.


5. (TCO 10) Stockholders of the Sasha Deal Company are concerned about irregularities in the firm's accounting system. One approach to identify problems in the records of the company would be to have a(n) ________ performed. (Points : 6)

internal audit
independent audit
certified audit
GAAP analysis


6. (TCO 6) Monica has just been hired by the Misty Mount Corporation to take over as the new chief executive officer. Her initial impression is that the company is in disarray, primarily because the employees do not have a sense of purpose or a common set of values. Monica's observations suggest that she needs to provide a(n) _________ for Misty Mount: (Points : 6)

contingency plan
objective function
corporate logo


7. (TCO 6) Which of the following statements about worker motivation is most consistent with the findings of the Hawthorne studies? (Points : 6)

Worker motivation will fall significantly if lighting conditions, temperature, and other elements of the physical environment are not at kept at their optimal levels.
Workers are more motivated if they feel they are part of a special group or project.
The best way to motivate workers is to offer pay raises, bonuses, and other financial incentives to workers who meet or exceed clearly specified goals.
Worker motivation is unimportant in determining the level of worker productivity, because productivity is primarily determined by external factors such as the speed of the machinery the workers operate.


8. (TCO 6) In comparing the types of skills used by managers at different levels within an organization, it is generally true that: (Points : 6)

top managers use mainly technical skills, and middle and first-line managers use mostly conceptual skills.
first-line managers use mainly technical and human relations skills, while top managers devote most of their time to activities involving human relations and conceptual skills.
the types of skills used by managers do not change much from one level of management to another.
the specific skills used at different levels of management do vary, but conceptual skills are the most important at all levels.


9. (TCO 7) A basic characteristic of flexible manufacturing is that it: (Points : 6)

relies heavily on labor, since humans are more adaptable than machines.
uses machines designed to perform multiple tasks so they can be used to produce a variety of products.
achieves its flexibility at the cost of much slower rates of production than mass production techniques.
is only possible when using mass production processes.


10. (TCO 5) ___________ means selling goods and services to ultimate consumers over the Internet. (Points : 6)

Electronic retailing
B2B distribution


11. (TCO 10) __________ is the accounting practice of recording every transaction in two places. (Points : 6)

Double-entry bookkeeping
Trial balancing
Account matching
Entry duplication


12. (TCO 9) A firm would use data mining if it wanted to: (Points : 6)

store copies of crucial data in several different locations to protect against its loss during disasters such as earthquakes, floods, or terrorist attacks.
protect its data from unauthorized outsiders.
increase the rate at which information flows through a firm's intranet.
discover hidden relationships among the data it accumulates.

Thanks. OK, I finished.

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Hope this helps!

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